/Visual Artifact Analysis

Visual Artifact Analysis

A poster of six bayonetts, striking a brick wall with a swastika inscribed on it, with the iscription "W Walce-Odwet Zakrew Tysiecy Polakow"

Accessed at: http://akokregkielce.pl/files/ogolne/rozne/powstanie%20warszawskie%20plakat1.jpg

Title: In Fighting, Revenge for the blood of a thousand Poles.

Date: Between 1943 and August 1944

Location: Warsaw

Culture: Polish

Medium: Poster/Canvas

Dimensions: Unknown specifics, no bigger than 1′ by 3′

Classification: Poster

Provenance: Now in a private collection of a Polish collector.

Description: StanisÅ‚aw Tomaszewski-Miedza was a polish poster artist and resistance fighter with the Polish Home Army. He ended up in Warsaw before and during the Warsaw uprising and was responsible for a large majority of the poster work done for the Home Army before and during the uprising. This poster, which in English translates to “In fighting, Revenge for the blood of a thousand Poles,” is a call to arms for the people of the city of Warsaw, and stands as a lasting testament to their bravery during the uprising, while painting a strong nationalistic image while drawing from traditional polish poster designs.

Further Reading: I recommend reading up on this quick article from the Norman Rockwell Museum, it’s a wonderful introduction to several polish artists, here

And also, the book Political Posters In Central and Eastern Europe: 1945-1995, by James Aulich and Marta Sylvestrova is a wonderful read and resource.

And finally, for a scholarly approach to the commemoration of the Warsaw Uprising and the Ghetto Uprising, The art of commemoration: fifty years after the Warsaw Uprising, by Titus Ensink and Christopher Sauer.

Authored by: Connor Neale, University of Oklahoma, 2/8/2019.